Thursday | October 23, 2014
NFL Player Caught On Film Hitting Every Button In Elevator
While the issue is under investigation, players are being "strongly encouraged" to take the stairs or ride an escalator if the rigors of stairs are too demanding.
NFL Reduces League Tolerance Of Bullying By Over 17%
League efforts are focused on the tolerance of bullying, but not the actual bullying itself.
Cavaliers Secret New Game Plan Leaked
Sources say the leak was done on purpose to increase advanced ticket sales for next season.
World Foosball Cup Comes To Poland Amid Controversy
It's being touted as a scalper's paradise and just the shot in the arm that Poland needs.
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NHL To Allow Brass Knuckles During Fights
Officials hope to rejuvenate a league plagued by sagging attendance and predictable fights.
NFL To Limit Post-Game Locker Room Wedgies
However, the league has yet to rule on players snapping wet towels at each other's asses.
Redskins Change Name To Washington Honkeys
They had to back down from Washington Crackers after protests from the snack food industry.
Morphine Scandal Rocks Vintage Base Ball Team
A couple players also had been suspended for fighting with Revolutionary War re-enactors.
NFL To Feature 'Throwback Rules' This Weekend
Next weekend the league will celebrate cold metal benches with Throwback Stadium Seating.
NFL Expands Rosters To 54 To Make Room For Gays
The NFL is preparing for a gay invasion that could make 'Glee' look straight by comparison.


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